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This payment service agreement is owned by reypayment.com, launched by ReyPayment Solutions, and anyone who accesses this site is identified as a user and is required to comply with the terms of use of the site's products and services. The following.

1) Any transactions and orders made in the name or with the bank accounts and electronic accounts of third parties are illegal and, when the user wants to use the reypay.net website services, ensures that the bank accounts and identity The provided is for the user himself and does not in any way use third party accounts to send or receive money and also the identity that the user has submitted to the reypay.net website is for the user himself.

2) Users are not allowed to use other people's bank accounts and electronic accounts to perform financial transactions with reypay.net, and if this happens, Ray's payment services may block the offender's account and place orders. And also to block a person's internal credit amounts and also to file a lawsuit against the offender for claiming lost rights.

3) Orders must be made through the user's main Internet connection and any orders that the person makes through the proxy, VPN, or other secrecy of the user's Internet connection are illegal.

4) The Rey Payment Services reserves the right to request the necessary identification documents whenever it asks the user for identification. Acceptable identification documents may include:


National card
Electricity bill gas or telephone in the name of a person
Any official contracts
5) Users registering for a particular company or organization must provide the necessary evidence to prove that they are the official representative of that company or organization.


6) Files requested by the user for authentication must be sent within a maximum of five business days, otherwise the order will be canceled and the deposit will be refunded to the user account as stated in the next paragraph.

7) Paying services may charge a fee of at least 20,000 USD if your remittance is remitted for one of the following reasons.


If the cause of payment is not written correctly in international money orders.
If the money is sent from an account not in the name of the sender of the account.
If the money is sent from an electronic account by someone other than the account owner.
If there is any reason to believe that the funds sent are problematic.
If the order is registered by an internet connection created by VPN or proxy.
If the person fails to provide the required identification at the required time.

8) If it is proved that the user is using the services and services of this website to intend money laundering, fraudulent use, fraud, money transfer, theft, etc. by providing fake identity documents. To provide all information collected by the individual to the police and relevant agencies of the country of residence of the user.


9) The user is responsible for all errors made during the ordering process by providing the user with the wrong information.


10) It is the responsibility of the user if the payment is made to an account other than the user's own account based on misleading information.


11) Any tax that is levied on transfers between the user and the payment service provider is the responsibility of the user and the user is obliged to pay them.


12) All user charges for electronic currency transfers, as well as cash transfers and shipping costs.

13) When submitting a custom order to reypay.net, it indicates that it has read all the laws and regulations and that the user has formally entered into a contract with ReyPayment Solutions International. The User is responsible for complying with all obligations of this Agreement as well as complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

14) If the order is not deposited directly into the account for the following reasons, the Company reserves the right to cancel the order or to suspend payment of the rest of the order or, if possible, at a lower price with the agreement of the user. Depending on the amount of money deposited.


The person will not pay the order in full or do not consider the fees
Should the bank through which the deposit is made receive additional fees
Amounts deposited into any of the Rey Payment Services accounts prior to order placement are unacceptable and any amounts received in this manner and for which no custom registration has been made shall remain with the Pay Payment Services and after the status has been determined The deposit amount will be refunded to the sender's individual account. Naturally, the refund process involves deducting the fees mentioned in the text and the associated cost will be deducted from the refund.

15) The site user must provide complete and accurate contact information when ordering and be available for follow-up by the payment service at the time of ordering, unless the payment service is successful. Do not contact the ordering user knowing his right to cancel the order unilaterally.

16) The services of this website are provided in a completely independent manner and we are not a representative or partner of any bank or electronic money. It's obvious